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MU Blog July 2021

Makeup application can be quite a handful for most women. Add a pair of glasses into the equation (especially if it’s your first pair of glasses), and applying and maintaining makeup becomes rather tricky…

If, on the other had you’ve worn glasses for decades, you might just consider your glasses a part of you—something that makes you stand out from the crowd. Glasses can be a fun way to show off your personality and uniqueness. 

Because yes, bold frames, bright colours or jewelled details tell the world something about your style. However, wearing glasses does not mean that you should avoid wearing makeup altogether, or suddenly struggle with adding that extra special touch.

Whatever your bespectacled style, we’ve gathered some tips and tricks below that will help you apply makeup, highlighting and enhancing your natural beauty—regardless of which frames you choose to wear.

Let’s start with YOUR EYESIGHT…

1. Are you far-sighted?

You see distances well but need help with close-ups, like when reading, checking your phone and shopping online. Your glasses magnify, so your eyes look bigger (a bonus for small eyes!), but this also means it magnifies any mistakes you might have made in your makeup. Our top tip? Get an amplification mirror that swivels from supersized to normal. It will improve your makeup skills, and keep application precise. No more smears, smudges, messy liner and gloppy lashes.

2. Or maybe you are near-sighted? 

You see great up close, but distances are slightly trickier. No matter how luminous and large your real-life eyes are, behind your glasses, they look smaller. Black eyeliner can save the day, but be sure to match liner thickness to frame thickness. Do a thinner liner with skinny frames (make sure you get the liner as close as possible to lash roots), and do a thicker liner with more substantial frames. Try lining your lower waterline with nude or ivory to open up your eyes even more.

FRAMING your assets…

3. Frame colour is quite important

It doesn’t matter if your frame is classic or trendy, choose a colour that looks great on you. Darker colours define and strengthen aging eyes like instant eyeliner. Softer, lighter colours have a gentle effect and can chisel cheekbones or slim faces, kind of like contour makeup. Sheer or opaque frames can brighten complexions like instant blush. The choices could be overwhelming… No worries - we are here to help.

4. Counterbalance those frames

Take a look at your frame. Is it chunky? Brightly coloured? Delicate and thin? Your eye makeup should balance the look of your frames. Darker eye makeup with a thicker frame can overwhelm your face, while delicate styles can support a bolder eye look.

It’s all in the TECHNIQUE…

5. Separate your lashes

Everyone seems to want long, thick lashes. But if you wear glasses, long lashes brush against the lenses when you blink—which could annoy you, irritate your eyes, an in the long run damage your lenses. Curling your lashes will keep them from hitting the lens and also help to open up your eyes. This is especially flattering if you’re near sighted. Rather than mascaras that lengthen your lashes too much, look for one that separates and defines your lashes instead.

6. Brush those brows

Your brows frame your face. When you’re wearing glasses, they also frame your frames. Ideally, your brows should show above your frames. Brushing your brows upwards helps ensure they show above your glasses. Keep it simple and use brow gel to ensure they stay in place.

TOOLS of the trade…

7. Use Short-Handled Brushes

The longer the brush handle, the flimsier you hold it, and the harder it is to apply makeup. Seeing that it’s already tough to apply makeup with glasses, investing in short-handled brushes will make all the difference. They’ll allow you to get a better grip so you can apply your makeup more precisely.

8. Setting Spray

The makeup around your eyes tends to get a little sweatier when you’re wearing frames. Combat this issue by sealing your makeup with a setting spray so it lasts all day! 

We recently hosted a make-up workshop in Wanaka with the help of the SilverSixpence make-up pro's, and in Queenstown with Juliet from JET Make Up Artists

Feeling like you too can do with some extra help? Why not attend our next make-up session with a pro and learn how to “look gorgeous in your glasses”? Our next event is coming up soon, so be sure to let us know and we'll see you there!


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