We believe in giving newborn babies the best chance for a happy and healthy life.

Our InfantSEE program offers eye exams for infants aged 6 months - 2 years, so you can get on top of their health from the moment they open their eyes. 

The eyes of an infant develop at an incredible rate. Although your baby receives screening tests at birth and in their first year, it’s very important during the early stages to see an optometrist and check for no infectious, congenital or hereditary eye diseases.

Infant glasses

What is an InfantSEE exam?

Our eye exam checks for everything, from lazy and crossed eyes to farsightedness and nearsightedness. We also test for light reaction, eye alignment and general eye health, and can treat minor eye health problems, such as infections or blocked tear ducts. The examination lasts around 15 minutes and may seem brief, but it is invaluable to ensuring everything is on track for a lifetime of good vision.


We work fast to make sure your baby’s first visit to OCULA is fun and stress-free. We provide activities, toys and an optometrist who is a specialist in infant’s eyecare and is genuinely passionate about their health. The exam is non-invasive, and babies can be in their prams or on your lap throughout. We work around you to find the best time in between napping and feeding, and can always reschedule if it’s not their day. Mothers are always welcome to breastfeed in our clinic.

What next?

If your infant has been diagnosed with an eye health issue, we work with Ophthalmologists and Paediatricians to create a management plan together, so your baby is in the best of hands. Funding is available if you have a Community Services Card, so make sure to bring it to all your appointments.

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“Danielle works with us to find solutions to new challenges that arise with Asha. She always has ideas and advice and checks in on how things are progressing. She is incredibly professional and since first meeting with her we have always felt 100% secure in her knowledge and expertise.”

Mat and Fiona McPhee, Wanaka parents to Asha, who was diagnosed with congenital cataracts at four weeks old.