Frame Styling

Choosing the correct eyewear is as important as choosing the right partner! Your frames are an extension of you and should suit your personality, style and most importantly, your features.

We understand it can be overwhelming knowing where to start and which frames to look at, which is why we offer a complimentary frame styling service. You’ll receive one on one time with our experienced stylists to create your unique look.

What’s in a frame?

We want to give you the freedom to truly express who you are and complement your style and personality with designer frames.

All of our frames are handpicked from renowned, international designers, including Moscot, Anne et Valentin, Garrett Leight, LOOL and Tom Ford. Whether you’re looking for ‘less is more’ or more avant-garde, colourful or neutral, quirky shapes or classic frames; our range of eyewear has something for everyone. From the elegance of LINDBERG to the iconoclastic l.a. Eyeworks.

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What does a frame styling service involve?

OCULA's frame styling service is complimentary for both our beloved regulars and also new faces . There’s no pressure to buy a pair of frames during the session either - we just love meeting new people, having fun with eyewear and making people feel ‘frame fabulous’!.

Step 1: Let's get to know you and your style

Our Eyewear Stylist will ask you a few questions to understand your goals, and what you'd like  to achieve. They’ll encourage you to bring along photos, Pinterest boards, even old frames; so we can truly understand your look.

Step 2: Looking at your features

From there, your stylist will determine your face shape, hairstyle and eye colour. They’ll ask questions about your work and what you like doing in your spare time, so they can better understand how you use your eyewear. This is key so we can find your perfect match in both form and function. 

Step 3: Let's try on some frames!

This is the fun part. From what we’ve learnt already, as well as looking at your features and how you use your glasses; we’ll give you a few options to try on. See how they fit and which ones you prefer. Based on the first two steps, we’ll have some designers in mind and can answer any questions you may have about styling your frames. Once you have found ‘the one’ (or two, or three!) your stylist will ensure your frames fit on your face perfectly, creating customised adjustments - for both style and comfort.

Step 4: Accessorise 

Why not accessorise your new eyewear with some bling? Or if functionality is more your thing, take a look at the Sunny Cords range of add-on chains. These accessories can be mixed and matched with your new frames to create the ultimate eyewear look to make a bold statement to the world. 

Book a frame styling appointment

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