Entourage of 7

Established in the City of Angels, Entourage of 7 is a luxury eyewear brand influenced by the style and glamour that is Los Angeles. Aiming to design and manufacture frames that represent the artistic inspiration that surrounds such a significant place.

Created by a group of seven talented enthusiasts who found inspiration among each other to create a brand that reflects all of the individuality, Eo7 has been founded on a strong bond and connection between both people and a city. 

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Made in Japan, all Entourage of 7 frames are designed and manufactured using only the best quality materials such as beta titanium and Japanese zyl acetates. Exceptional quality and exquisite design can be firmly guaranteed. All frames are also available as sunglasses, so you can get that L.A style day and night!

Whether you prefer opticals that are more square, or are wanting something more classic and round, Eo7 offers a wide range in both titanium materials and bellaminium. All the frames that are equipped with nose pieces are all adjustable so that you are guaranteed a perfect fit. 

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A constantly changing brand that keeps up with the hustle and bustle of its origin, Entourage of 7 will be sure to provide you with a frame that let's you rock and roll everyday!

Want to find the perfect Entourage of 7 frame for you? Book a complimentary Frame Styling appointment at any of our 3 stores and one of our experienced Style Consultants will help you find the perfect frame to fit your face shape and your style! Book online now.

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