MOSCOT, established in 1915 has become one of the most recognisable brands in designer eyewear. They have amassed a global following over the last 108 years in business and specialise in both optical frames and sunglasses.

The Lemtosh frame, which was designed in the 1940s, is MOSCOT’s best-selling pair of sunglasses! Celebrities such as Paul McCartney, Paul Rudd and Cristiano Ronaldo have famously sported these sunnies.

MOSCOT has two collections; the Originals, which consists of their ‘legacy’ frames and the Spirits, which uses the legacy frames as inspiration to create a modernised version of the classics we all know and love!


Paul Rudd

What separates MOSCOT sunglasses from other designers is the extent of colours the frames and lenses come in. Elton John loves his pink and blue tints - another loyal MOSCOT follower! 

Whatever your preference is, there is bound to be a lens/frame colour combination that will suit you perfectly. At OCULA, we’re able to order a specific lens tint in for you and we have the whole shade spectrum in store for you to try on.

Protect your eyes all year round with MOSCOT sunglasses and carry a piece of New York with you wherever you go!


MOSCOT Lemotsh