Digital Eye Strain

With technology now a significant part of our everyday lives, Digital Eye Strain is a fast-growing problem that affects many people.

As technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives it is hard not to rely on our devices whether it be for work, staying connected to family or friends or online entertainment platforms.

Digital Eye Strain (DES), also known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), is an ever growing problem for people today. Side effects include blurred vision, headaches, fatigue and dry eyes. Digital Eye Strain occurs when we spend prolonged periods of time looking at screens, causing our eyes to feel strained and fatigued.

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Blue Light

Blue light is type of light that is emitted from the sun and is vital to keeping our body clock in sync with day and night time (known as your circadian rhythm). Blue light is used by nature to trigger our bodies to become alert and wake up. 

However, blue light is also emitted by technological devices such as phones and laptops. When screens are used for prolonged periods, and especially in the evenings, the unnatural blue light exposure can cause side effects such as sleep disruption and fatigue. This is why many find it difficult to sleep at night if they have been using technology, as the blue light is disrupting the body clock.

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Blue light glasses and blue light lens coatings are a great way to filter out the blue light from all of our devices, resulting in less strain on the eyes - and you'll feel more energised after a day on your screen too!  

Blue light glasses don't have to be prescription. They are just plain lenses, with no prescription, but with the blue light filter incorporated for protection. Available both online and in-store for all ages, we have a variety of blue light screen glasses from the funky brand French eyewear brand IZIPIZI.

IZIPIZI has a range of glasses in all different colours and sizes, with a lightweight rubber feel. The IZIPIZI screen range filters 40% of the blue light, ensuring maximum protection of your eyes, so you can use your screens knowing your eyes are being looked after! 


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ZEISS Duravision Blue Protect

ZEISS Duravision Blue Protect is a lens coating that is able to be put on all prescription glasses to ensure that your eyes are protected from blue light when using screens.

At OCULA, we recommend ZEISS Duravision to those who use screens regularly to prevent Digital Eye Strain and provide comfort when using technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get blue protect added to my current prescription glasses? Unfortunately a blue control filter cannot be retrospectively added to prescription glasses. 

Is Digital Eye Strain dangerous? No, as the research currently stands DES and exposure to blue light from screens is not dangerous, however the impacts on your health such as fatigue, lower mood and sore eyes can be confronting for some people.

What else can I do to prevent digital eye strain? Creating good habits around your screen time as well as using blue light glasses are great ways to combat the symptoms of digital eye strain.

For tips on how to improve your habits around screen time, visit our blog "Tips for good vision in the modern world" from Principal Optometrist Danielle Ross, who gives handy tips for screen use.

I don't have symptoms of digital eye strain, should I still wear blue light glasses? Yes, we recommend that anyone who uses screens for over an hour a day should wear blue light glasses or have a blue light coating on their lenses.  We believe prevention is the best line of defence, and the blue light glasses are funky too!

Don't let screens hold you back. If you think you might be suffering from Digital Eye Strain, book an appointment with one our specialist optometrists.