Visual Processing Assessment

We suggest the following to ensure the most successful assessment:

If there is pertinent sensitive information relating to your child that you do not wish to discuss at the appointment (i.e. in front of your child), please advise us ahead of the appointment.

The assessment takes about 1.5 to 2 hours and is conducted by Rachel Rankin, OCULA’s vision therapist.

The assessment is quite involved, and so best to be scheduled at a time of day that you / your child is most attentive (mornings are usually best).

Please do not bring food, drinks or chewing gum etc. to the appointment. It is also best to avoid foods and drinks high in sugar, preservatives/additives at least two hours prior to appointment.

To limit distractions, siblings are not permitted in the assessment. Parents/guardians are welcome to observe, but we request that all distractions are minimised (i.e. mobile phones turned off).

We also ask that parents/guardians avoid interacting with the child and therapist during the assessment (i.e. telling the child to sit still, speak up, helping to answer the questions etc.), as the therapist will be assessing and observing both objective and subjective performance during the assessment.

If you/ your child is unwell on the day of the appointment, we suggest you reschedule.

Following the assessment, Rachel Rankin, OCULA’s vision therapist, and Danielle Ross, OCULA’s Paediatric Behavioural Optometrist, will collaborate to provide a comprehensive report, along with recommendations and treatment options where necessary. The report will be emailed to you approximately two weeks after the appointment date.

The cost of the assessment, including a report, is $189. All accounts are to be settled on the day of the appointment.