Binovi At-Home Vision Therapy Kit

Binovi is a software platform that OCULA uses to help you at home along your vision therapy journey. The Binovi software will deliver your tailored therapy program using easy to follow instructions and high definition videos.

Binovi allows you to communicate directly with your vision therapist through the software, reporting on how you are feeling about each exercise along the way. Your therapist can also monitor your performance each time you performs a procedure. In addition, you can write notes or ask written questions to either your vision therapist, or your optometrist. 


Binovi Mobile Patient App

Binovi Kit (included)

Included with your Binovi purchase are all the tools you need to complete the at home training exercises.

BinoviKit TEMP




What conditions can Binovi treat?

OCULA uses Binovi along side in-office therapy sessions for the following conditions / treatment programs:

  1. Ocular motility / Reading eye movement

  2. Accommodation / Focusing

  3. Binocularity / Eye Teaming

  4. Bilateral integration

  5. Balance/visual-vestibular

  6. Fine-motor control

  7. Visual memory/visualisation

Pricing and programs

See OCULA's Vision Therapy Treatment programs which use the Binovi At-Home Vision Therapy Kit

Technical requirements for the Binovi Coach App

iPad or iPhone, ios 11.0 or later
Android Tablet or Android Smartphone, ver 6.0 or later

Note: For activation during first time sign up you will need access to your emails on the same device where Binovi Coach is being installed.