Coloured Filters

Coloured Filters

Coloured filters (aka coloured overlays) are used over the top of reading material. Coloured filters are used to decrease visual stress and increase visual comfort. Changing the background colour can

- Reduce glare symptoms

- Reduce near visual stress 

- Support longer periods of reading 

- Enables decoding techniques as well as other reading strategies

Coloured filters are not a treatment as such, but best thought about as a tool to aide visual efficiency. Coloured filters are often used in conjunction with other treatment strategies. A person's colour preference can often change over time as their visual needs and symptoms change. 

To use a colour filter with screen-based equipment (smartphone, laptop, or PC), you can simply put your given coloured filter over the screen. There are also websites in which you can download software to change the background colour: 

The coloured filter that best supports your vision is determined during an examination with one of our Optometrists. 

If you find that a coloured filter is helpful, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have Irlens Syndrome, however, it is important to rule this condition out. Our behavioural optometrist can discuss both Irlens Syndrome and the use of colour therapy with you during your examination.