HTS Vision Therapy

HTS Vision Therapy

All visual skills are learned, and delayed visual skills can be improved with vision therapy. It's important to understand, however, that vision therapy does not eliminate learning disabilities, but rather addresses the visual and perceptual skills that underlie learning, and that is essential for acquiring and retaining knowledge. Vision therapy develops conceptual understanding and the visual strategies that are most effective for learning.

Vision therapy is a team effort involving your optometrist, family, school, and student. Development is not a switch to turn on learning occurs step by step.

The HTS computer program to address the basic eye control skills of tracking (saccades and pursuits) and simultaneous accommodation (flexible focusing), with the aim to develop the effortless control of eye movements required to keep place and read fluently while maintaining comprehension and understanding

The HTS program is $398 and includes two appointments - one with our vision therapist to demonstrate the installation and use of the program, and a review appointment with your optometrist at the conclusion of the program. Payment for programs are required at the time of purchase and is non-refundable. We are always under pressure to find appointment times during the most popular times of the day. Unless 24 hours notice is given, appointments made and not kept will be charged for.

For more information about the program, or to schedule the first appointment for your child, please contact Rachel, the OCULA vision therapist, at