Support Glasses

Support Glasses

Support glasses are designed to assist primarily with near tasks like reading and computer. They are usually prescribed for children or adults who have difficulty keeping print clear and single, or who usually lose their place when reading or managing columns of numbers. Support lenses also significantly reduce symptoms of headaches, blurred vision and sore eyes.

A comprehensive examination of focusing, eye teaming and eye movement skills will determine how much effort is used to maintain clear, single, comfortable vision. If a large amount of effort is needed to keep print clear and stable, this can lead to loss of place, poor visual attention and consequently to poor comprehension.

Indications of focusing, eye teaming and eye movement problems that may be helped with support glasses include:

- Sore eyes when reading
- Headaches during/after near work
- Blurred near vision
- Blur on looking up from close work
- Excessive blinking or staring
- Getting lost often when reading
- Skipping words or lines when reading 
- Decreased reading comprehension
- Difficulty staying on lines when writing
- Reduced visual stamina
- Short attention span with near visual tasks


Support glasses are prescribed to reduce visual stress and are usually quite low in strength. They are used as a 'kick start' to help the eyes and brain recalibrate so that focusing and eye pointing systems are brought back into balance. It is useful to think of these glasses as a training tool: the eyes have to learn how to work together better, the glasses put the eyes into a position where this is possible.

Initially, it may feel strange to use your eyes more efficiently. It may take a few days to adjust. If you experience discomfort after more than one week of wearing your lenses, please contact the practice.

Support glasses are not designed to make you see more clearly. Most people using support glasses are still able to see clearly without their glasses. The glasses are designed to help you see more comfortably for a longer period of time, reducing eye fatigue and assisting visual attention.

In general, the more consistently the glasses are worn for the tasks specified, the better the results will be. Constantly taking the glasses on and off at school or work will decrease their effectiveness.