Matthew Kowalski

Matthew completed his degree in Optometry with First Class Honours in 2008 in Brisbane, Australia, and has been working in specialty and locally-owned optometry practices across South-East Queensland ever since. He has been therapeutically qualified since 2012, in order to better manage and treat a wide variety of eye conditions. Matthew jumped at the chance to move to New Zealand and become part of the OCULA team with his wife Lou (also an optometrist) in 2022.

Matthew has been very short-sighted from a young age, and therefore has a personal appreciation for the importance of eye health and the value of clear vision. Matthew is passionate about helping patients of all ages into contact lenses, but especially in assisting young patients with a variety of treatments to slow short-sightedness (myopia) including Orthokeratology. He loves new technology and staying up-to-date with the latest in eye care.

Above all else, Matthew wants his patients to feel at ease. He prides himself on providing clear information to his patients, and working with them towards the best plan for their eye care and vision.

Matthew is a Senior Optometrist and can be seen in Wanaka and Arrowtown

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