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We've put in place extra measures to keep you safe. Please read the points below, as we need your help to action these safety measures!


  • Appointments will run on time. We will be making sure we run on time for your appointment, and we ask that you do the same. If you are late for your appointment, please understand that we may have to either perform a shorter appointment or reschedule your appointment. Having staggered appointments running on time reduces cross-over between patients and allows our practitioners time to perform the disinfection protocols between patients. 


  • Please come straight in. If you are on-time for your appointment, please come straight in - we will be waiting for you :) If you are early for your appointment, please wait in your car until your appointment time. This reduces the number of patients in our clinical space and helps with social distancing in our waiting areas. 


  • One support person at your appointment. If you require a support person, please bring only one support person to your appointment. Your support person must not be unwell, require isolation, be pregnant, elderly or young. If the appointment is for a child, a parent is encouraged to also attend, but we do ask that only one parent attends, and no siblings or friends please.  


  • Bring only what you need. Please bring only what you need for your appointment (your glasses or contact lenses, essentials such as keys, wallet, phone etc.). Please leave everything else behind (backpacks, hats, groceries etc.). 


  • Hand washing or sanitiser. Before entering, we will invite you to use hand sanitiser or wash your hands. This is the most effective way to reduce the transmission of germs, and we appreciate your cooperation.


  • Personal protection equipment (PPE). Our clinic is closely following the advice of the Ministry of Health, and so we will be using gloves and face masks only for certain procedures. However, we understand that you may feel more comfortable that we wear a mask and gloves for your entire appointment, and so just let us know, and we will happily oblige. 


  • Namaste. No offence, but we’re not shaking hands, hugging and refraining from physical contact as much as possible. Instead, we may welcome you with a namaste to share a little peace and calm in these unsettling times. 


  • No fishing stories. We normally love having a chat and getting to know you better. However, at the moment we need to keep socialising to a minimum and limit contact time to only what is necessary. So, no offence, but no fishing stories! 


  • Virtual consultations. Wherever possible, we are encouraging virtual consultations; our optometrists can triage your needs and advise if an in-person consultation is required. These appointments will be charged at our usual rates. To book, click here and select "Teleconference Consultation". 


  • Where possible, we’re encouraging cashless transactions. This is to minimise the risk of transmission. The EFTPOS machines will be sanitised between transactions and hand sanitiser will be available on our counters. 


Of course, these measures are in addition to the already stringent hygiene standards we are upholding. 


We do ask that you help us keep our community safe. Our clinics regularly care for the elderly, infants and those with complex medical conditions.


We ask you to please take the proper health precautions when visiting our locations, and please reschedule your appointment if you or a family member is either unwell or has traveled overseas within the last 14 days.


We appreciate your support through these uncertain times, and it is with certainty that we can all get through this together. 


Take care, 


The team @ OCULA



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