Driven by the desire to always be a step ahead, Blackfin is an eyewear brand that is dedicated to standing out whilst striving to be true to their brand. Founded recently in 2014, the brand has been no shy of evolving quickly.

Blackfin produces high quality frames that are front produced from a single piece of titanium, this enables the frame to be super flexible as well as durable. These pure titanium spectacle frames are designed and handmade in Italy ensuring that quality meets luxury.



Referring to their brand as “neomadeinitaly” BlackFin has a dedication to maintaining the design and production of their frames to stay exclusively in Italy. This ensures that the quality of BlackFin frames are exceptional, and that’s a promise. Committed to the people of their country, Blackfin strives to a create a brand that represents their people.

Claiming as part of their soul, Blackfin has spent over 20 years working with titanium mastering the art of both the engineering and design of the material. Weighing 40% less than steel, but double the strength of aluminium, it can be guaranteed that BlackFin frames will stand the test of time. Non - toxic and biocompatible - these frames are proven to avoid any irritation resulting in the premium comfort for the individual. 


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Whether you are looking for subtle style or statement pieces, Blackfin provides a vast array of chromaticism in each styles of their frames, ensuring there is a colour for every individual. An icon of technology, don’t let these frames pass you by. 

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