Lindberg : Denmark

Eyewear frames that are individually crafted from materials that are sourced with the highest quality - Lindberg eyewear combines innovation and design to produce the simplicity and elegance through their eyewear. The brand reflects it’s Danish upbringing through the way each pair of frames mirrors the design tradition of “discreet elegance” bringing designer glasses to a whole new level.

Lindberg frames are delicately created with the finest materials such as titanium,  which gives the frames the combination of both strength and flexibility resulting in a weightless but durable pair of glasses. With their ultra light frame weighing less than 2 grams - revolutionary! 

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To achieve the lightweight feel that Lindberg strives for, they have used their undeniably precise engineering skills by removing any non essential pieces on the frame, this includes any screws, rivets and welds. This results in an enduring frame that sits perfectly on your face - no re adjustments necessary. 

With over 40 awards to their name, these frames are proven to not only win in appearance but also in ensuring that premium optical vision is provided. The Lindberg system is one of building blocks, where you can choose to buy a pair of glasses off-the-shelf from us or create an entirely bespoke, made-to-order pair from a multitude of predetermined parts.


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‘Your eyes, and what’s in front of them, are the first thing people see when they meet you – not your feet, hands or legs,’ - Henrik Lindberg, founder of Lindberg. 

Want to find the perfect Lindberg frame for you?  Book a complimentary Frame Styling appointment at any of our 3 stores and one of our experienced Style Consultants will help you find the perfect frame to fit you and your style! Book online now.


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