Founded in 2000, Otis was born on the Australian coast representing a unique point of difference in the eyewear market. The first of its kind to use mineral glass in every model, Otis set out to build an eyewear brand that revolutionises both style and substance. 

Using top of the line mineral glass created from natural elements, Otis has created one of the worlds best lenses that avoids scratching and distortion whilst providing an outstandingly clear lens. Mineral glass lenses have been proven to require no extra coatings during the manufacturing process, proving the strength and resistance of this type of glass. 

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Otis continues to evolve and deliver top of the line technology using mineral glass. All frames feature L.I.T (Light Improvement Technology) which enhances polarised colour and creates anti-reflective and hydrophobic properties in the lens, which lifts primary colours in the surroundings of the eye whilst simultaneously blocking out any shades that affect the precision and clarity of the individual's vision. This evolution in Otis’s mineral glass lenses is what keeps this brand different from everyone else, changing the way we see the world.

With design inspired by the rugged coastlines of Australia, Otis has been committed to providing lenses that are suited to those who brave the waves. There are a variety of frames for both men and women ensuring that everyone gets to experience this one of a kind lens type!

Want to find the perfect OTIS frame for you?  Book a complimentary Frame Styling appointment at any of our 3 stores and one of our experienced Style Consultants will help you find the perfect frame to fit your face shape and your style! Book online now.

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