Handcrafted in the surreal Dolomites of Italy, Tavat is a design drive eyewear company that produces innovative frames that combine both performance and design. Using exquisite styles, the brand proves that there is no limitation when it comes to eyewear. 

Founded in 2010, with the vision of creating frames that combine simplicity with functionality, Tavat proves that their frames stand the test of time - and style! The shapes within the various collections are inspired by past creations yet incorporate new technologies to make a frame that is timeless. 


The various collections of eyewear have been carefully designed to appeal to a wide range of individuals. With the focus on purpose and functionality, Tavat has created eyewear that in particular has become favoured in the aviation industry. 

An entire collection devoted to the “Airman” proved that Tavat was able to engineer a pair of frames which guarantees high tech mechanical accuracy. They are manufactured with medical stainless steel and slide comfortably under a helmet and/or headphones for a perfect fit allowing ideal comfort for long hauls. 



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