Stephanie Green

Stephanie joins us from Auckland, where she has most recently completed her Bachelor of Optometry. Stephanie has also completed a Bachelor of Science and graduated with First Class Honours. Majoring in Biomedical Science, she had a particular interest in cancer, disease and genetics. As well as studying for the past 7 years, she’s also achieved an impressive raft of awards and recognition; including 2020/2021 Summer Studentship Scholarship for her project on ‘Glaucoma Agreement in NZ’, 2021 NZ National Eye Centre Summer Scholar Symposium Best Presentation and was first in her class for both Year 4 Optometry and her final year Honours project. 

Knowing first-hand what poor vision looks and feels like, Stephanie loves to help people see the world clearly and effortlessly. Being short-sighted (myopia), Stephanie wore glasses from age 6 and now has been wearing soft contact lenses for over 10 years, and loves them.

Described as friendly, hardworking and organized by her peers, Stephanie relishes the excitement of a new day and whatever that may bring. She’s also spent the past 2 ½ years volunteering for Blind Low Vision NZ.

Stephanie is an Optometrist and can be seen in Merivale

Stephanie Green MRV