4 Reasons why you should buy sunglasses from an optometrist

Posted 12 months ago by Megan Abels

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Even though winter is around the corner, your eyes still need to be protected from the sun's harmful rays. While sunglasses can be found in abundance at various retail outlets and online platforms, there is a compelling case to be made for purchasing your sunglasses from an optometrist. 

Here are a few reasons why buying sunglasses from a trusted eye care professional is the clear choice for your eye health:

Expertise in lenses and styling

Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians are highly trained professionals who specialise in eye care. When you purchase sunglasses from an optometry practice like OCULA, you benefit from extensive knowledge and expertise. We assess your eye health needs and recommend sunglasses that provide optimal protection against harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Our team can guide you in choosing sunglasses with the right lens tint, polarised or non-polarised options, and appropriate UV filters based on your lifestyle, outdoor activities, and any specific vision concerns you may have. Our professional advice ensures that you make an informed decision that prioritises both style and eye health.

Accurate prescription and adjustments

If you wear prescription glasses or have specific vision requirements, we can provide you with sunglasses tailored to your needs. We can accurately incorporate your prescription into the frames you choose, ensuring clear and comfortable vision. Our team takes precise measurements, considers the curvature of the lenses, and adjusts the frame to fit your face correctly. By purchasing sunglasses from an optometrist, you can enjoy the benefits of personalised eyewear that meets your visual requirements while safeguarding your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Quality assurance and authenticity

One of the key advantages of buying sunglasses from an optometry practice is the assurance of quality and authenticity. Optometrists typically carry a range of high-quality brands and reputable manufacturers, offering you a selection of sunglasses that are genuine and meet rigorous industry standards. This means you can trust that the sunglasses you purchase provide the promised UV protection and are made from durable materials that ensure long-lasting use. Investing in authentic sunglasses not only safeguards your eye health but also ensures you get the best value for your money.

After-care service and products

At OCULA, we take great pride in our after-care service. When you purchase a pair of sunglasses from us, you receive a complimentary care package that consists of lens wipes, lens spray and a high-quality lens cloth. Plus, you come pop in anytime to get your glasses tightened, readjusted or thoroughly cleaned at no extra cost.

This winter season, make the clear choice and prioritise your eyes by visiting the team at OCULA for your sunglasses needs.


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