Top Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers

Posted 5 years ago by Danielle Winstone

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This week, OCULA's bespectacled clients learnt how to create a stunning look with their eyewear and makeup by using these top tips. 

To look gorgeous and enhance not only your eyes, but also your eyewear, follow these pointers:

  1. Colour: use eyeshadow and liner that matches your eye colour, rather than matching to the colour of your glasses. Choose a colour that makes your eyes pop!
  2. Open up your eyes by curling your lashes, using a white eyeliner on the bottom lid and/or just using a dark liner on the top lid. Favour eyeliner over eyeshadow when wearing your glasses. 
  3. Always use concealer (pink or peach) around and under your eyes to keep them bright. Dark circles and puffiness can be magnified through your glasses. 
  4. Just when you think you have enough mascara, add another coat. Don't hold back on the black. 
  5. Eyebrows - super important! These don't just to frame your face, but also to compliment the lines of your eyewear. 

This last tip segues nicely into Lee, from l.a.Eyeworks, top tips for finding the best eyewear to best frame your face. Because, really, "your face is a piece of art - it deserves a good frame!" - l.a.Eyeworks

  1. Brow line: choose a frame which the arch or lift from the nose-bridge follows your natural eyebrow line. See point 5 from makeup - your eyebrows and eyewear should compliment each other to perfectly frame your face.
  2. Cheek line: choose a frame which the 'fall' or edges naturally compliment the fall or your cheek bones
  3. Rule of thirds: to determine the right depth or size, your glasses should take up the middle 1/3 of your face, with 1/3 being your forehead or fringe, and the bottom 1/3 for nose, lips and chin. Glasses should never rest on your cheeks. 
  4. Up-styling: the interest points on the frame should be at the upper, outer edges of the frame to draw attention up and out, creating the perception of 'lift' - a nice anti-gravity effect! 
  5. Be daring; "People will stare - make it worth their while" - Harry Winston. If you're 100% comfortable with the glasses you've chosen in the showroom, then they are too safe! Push your comfort zone a little, have some fun! 

And a 6th one just for a bonus; how many pairs of shoes do you have? And only one pair of glasses? But what do they see first - your feet, or your face? Needless to say, you need more than one pair of glasses! 

But, if this is too much to DIY and you would rather have a little help, pop into any OCULA store and our Eyewear Specialists will find you some gorgeous face furniture. We also highly recommend Alecia at  Silver Sixpence for all your makeup and beauty needs. 

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