Graduate Program

Are you looking to supercharge your career? Look no further. OCULA's Optometrist Graduate Program offers a unique multidisciplinary growth experience

Designed for new and recently graduated optometrists who are driven to rocket-launch their career and achieve their goals sooner, this coveted position will give the budding optometrist the unique opportunity to:

ocula support

Be supported

in your clinic with the mentorship of a senior optometrist and with long appointment times, giving you the time and space to really hone your current skill sets
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Work with your retail team

to solidify your lens design knowledge, supercharging your ability to tailor your prescribing to your patient's needs
Shadow an optometrist

Shadow a senior optometrist

in your chosen subspecialist area, working as their ophthalmic assistant, one to two days per week so you can learn the ropes faster
Business finances

Learn from the business owner

about how an optometry business operates, adding to your (and your resume's) fiscal skill set. If practice management or ownership is a goal of yours, then this will be the fuel for your career rocket

Pursue a subspecialty

Hard contact lenses including orthokeratology, sclerals, RGPs and the management of corneal conditions (i.e. keratoconus)

Paediatrics and neuro-optometry including binocular vision, myopia control. vision-related learning difficulties and ABI/TBI

Be rewarded

OCULA will set you up to succeed with a great work-life balance, investment into your continual learning as well as a competitive salary package

After completing the 12-month program, you will either be offered a permanent position in an OCULA practice if one is available, or you will head into the workforce with confidence and a stellar set of skills that will rocket-launch your career.

Only one graduate position will be available in each of our locations. So, if this is the opportunity you've been dreaming of, let's chat. Get in touch with our Clinical Team Leader, Danielle Winstone, at