Progressive Eyewear

Progressive lenses are a great alternative to bifocal or trifocal prescription glasses. These technologically advanced lenses provide a natural correction for problematic eyes and are more visually appealing.

We believe your eye health is priceless, which is why we invest in cutting-edge technology and leading care practices to optimise your vision. Progressive lenses consist of three fields of view, allowing you to see at various distances using one pair of glasses.

You don’t need separate glasses for driving, reading or working on your computer with progressives. Like with any new prescription eyewear, progressive lenses will take some adaptation to get used to.

Getting used to your new glasses

It's important to wear your new lenses with a positive attitude and an open mind. You'll need to wear your progressive lenses throughout the day for at least two weeks for maximum efficacy - it may be difficult at first but try to be consistent.

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It is quite an adjustment so you may need to alter a few things such as the position of your computer monitor or the height of your office chair. You may experience some dizziness or strain on your eyes initially. If the discomfort becomes too intense, you may wear your progressive glasses for shorter periods of time throughout the day.

The distance prescription is at the top of the lens and the reading prescription is at the bottom so keep this in mind when performing various functions throughout the day.

If you are still not completely comfortable with the progressive lenses after two or three weeks of full-time wear, contact us for further assistance.


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