The OCULA Team

Roberta McIlraith

Roberta has over 15 years experience as an optometrist working predominantly in Christchurch for Curtis Vision.  She is passionate about excellence in eye care using innovative technologies and solutions for every eye care need and she doesn’t mind rolling up her sleeves to tackle the trickier optical conditions. Among all the talents Roberta has for eyes, she is at the top of the game for specialty contact lens fitting and prescribing, and in her spare time represents the Cornea & Contact Lens Society of New Zealand as a councillor.

Roberta is a Senior Optometrist & Branch Partner in Christchurch.

Roberta McIlraith OCULA Optometrist Christchurch Merivale

Kirsty Pienaar

Kirsty is a qualified Senior Dispensing Optician at OCULA, with over 20 years’ experience in optometry. Her passion for clients and true love for eyecare shines through – and she brings world-class eyecare knowledge to OCULA. Not only does she manage our OCULA Wanaka boutique, she is also our retail team leader, and an OCULA business partner.

Kirsty is a Senior Dispensing Optician & Branch Partner in Queenstown and Wanaka.


Danielle Winstone

Danielle is an optometrist with a comprehensive skill-set and a strong background in paediatric eye care. With extensive experience in the medical management of myopia, infantile aphakia, orthokeratology and contact lenses -  Danielle’s passion lies within a niche speciality known as Behavioural Optometry, which enables the treatment of developmental delays and learning difficulties by looking at how the brain processes what eyes can see. Danielle is one of the few  Behavioural Optometrists in the Queenstown Lakes Districts and is also a binocular vision specialist.

Danielle is a Senior Optometrist & Director of OCULA.

Danielle Winstone Ross Optometrist OCULA Wanaka Founder Director

Stephanie Green

Stephanie joins us from Auckland, where she has most recently completed her Bachelor of Optometry. Stephanie has also completed a Bachelor of Science and graduated with First Class Honours. Majoring in Biomedical Science, she had a particular interest in cancer, disease and genetics. Knowing first-hand what poor vision looks and feels like, Stephanie loves to help people see the world clearly and effortlessly. 

Stephanie is an Optometrist in Christchurch.



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Olivia Ferguson

A self-confessed avid learner, Olivia has a true passion for optics and is particularly interested in paediatrics, the medical management of myopia, and speciality contact lenses. Her approach to optometry is patient-centric - she strives to provide the best possible care and go above-and-beyond for all of her patients.

Olivia is an Optometrist in Wanaka.

Olivia Ferguson OCULA Wanaka MARCH 22

Matthew Kowalski

Matthew is passionate about helping patients of all ages into contact lenses, but especially in assisting young patients with a variety of treatments to slow short-sightedness (myopia) including Orthokeratology. He loves new technology and staying up-to-date with the latest in eye care.

Matthew is a Senior Optometrist in Queenstown and Wanaka.

Matthew Kowalski OCULA Wanaka MARCH 22

Louise Kowalski

Louise specialises in myopia control, ortho-k and managing dry eyes, with a particular interest in children’s vision and vision therapy. She enjoys helping people every day - whether it’s helping a client to see and look their best with new glasses or contact lenses, or helping them with eye or vision problems. 

Louise is a Senior Optometrist in Wanaka.

Louise Kowalski OCULA Wanaka MARCH 22