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ZEISS is both an award-winning and leading technology company that was founded in 1846 by German optician Carl Zeiss. Powering the set up of the company, Carl Zeiss has left behind a legacy in the optical world.

Specialising in both optics and optoelectronics, ZEISS has become a multi-national company that strives to continuously be innovative alongside providing only the best line of products. From camera lenses and telescopes to medical instruments and optical lenses, ZEISS provides a wide range of top of the line products that are world renowned. 

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Did you know?

  • The first photographs of people famously walking on the moon were taken by a ZEISS camera lens.
  • ZEISS lenses have been used to film award-winning movies such as Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit Trilogies and James Bond films, to name a few.
  • Every second, two people around the world put their vision in the care of a ZEISS lens.
  • Over 150 million people around the world wear lenses from Zeiss VisionCare

ZEISS Centration Systems

Did you know that glasses can only unlock their full potential if they fit you perfectly? ZEISS's innovative centration systems precisely calculates and determines the position of the lenses in your frames, in line with your visual needs.

With the ‘ZEISS Visufit 1000’ at OCULA Wanaka, Merivale and Arrowtown, our team will ensure your eyecare needs are met, and you can be assured we have used the best technology for your vision.

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