Hard & soft contact lenses

At OCULA, we’re passionate about helping you find the best solution for your eyes. Our expert Optometrists can assess your eyes and recommend the right contact lenses for you with the help of technologically advanced equipment.

We have an extensive range of contact lens options available, expertise and equipment to ensure we find the perfect fit for you. Not only should your contact lenses fit comfortably, we also make sure your vision is as clear as possible when wearing them! 

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Contact lenses are ideal for those who:

  • Have an active lifestyle
  • Only need glasses for reading
  • Work in hazardous environments
  • Lose or break glasses easily

After an eye assessment, we’ll recommend the best lenses that suit your vision and lifestyle. We provide lens trials so that you may test them for a few days to ensure they're the correct prescription and fit for you.

Contact lenses are life-changing if you're not comfortable wearing glasses.

Whether you are short sighted, long sighted, or have a unique eye condition, we offer a range of options, including custom-made, disposable, soft and hard lenses.


We also offer scleral, keratoconus and Ortho-K lenses.

Our team at OCULA are specialists in Ortho-K (Orthokeratology), which is a revolutionary treatment that uses custom-made contact lenses to mould your eyes whilst you sleep. 

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