Good Gryf

Proud to claim this one as one of our Kiwi own, eyewear brand Good Gryf puts New Zealand on the map for producing statement designer glasses for all face shapes.

Founded by New Zealand optometrist Stuart Laing, who by experience understands the importance of creating a frame that fits most face types as well as providing the best optical performance. The name Good Gryf evolved from a harmless doodle of a morepork head on a cats body, this has now become the well recognised face of the brand encouraging the idea that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. 

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With many years in the optometry industry, Laing saw there was a need for something more. This lead to him having a shot at creating his own brand, with the core focus on the care of the construction of the frame to make sure that customers are  taken care of in all aspects of a frame. 

From the “Chur Ow” frame to “The Manus” this brand has certainly nailed combining our relaxed Kiwi identity with classic styles that are suited for every personality.  Matte blues to sleek and shiny black are a staple for any wardrobe, complemented by either a round shape frame or a rectangle. 


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Good Gryf will make sure your glasses are “sweet as!” 

Unsure what Good Gryf frame is for you? Book a complimentary Frame Styling appointment at any of our 3 stores and one of our experienced Style Consultants will help you find the perfect frame to fit your face shape and your style! Book online now.


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