ZEISS Visufit 1000

ZEISS Visufit 1000

Precision, state-of-the-art spectacle dispensing at its best.

Google Earth uses ZEISS lenses in its telescopes to take photographs of the earth. The first moon landing was recorded for all eternity in 1969 – with ZEISS lenses. Nokia cell phones are equipped with ZEISS lenses. Nobel Price laureates have been known to bet on ZEISS microscopes.

At OCULA we believe our clients deserve the very best - because your eye health is priceless. We invest in cutting-edge technology and leading care practices to optimise your vision. Just like the NASA team in charge of the first moon landing and Nobel prize winners, we believe ZEISS offers the innovative technology best suited to your eyes.  

Best optical performance with innovative technology.

Did you know that glasses can only unlock their full potential if they’re precisely positioned, i.e., if they fit you perfectly? No one’s face is symmetrical, and the distance between a person’s eyes, the head tilt, and the shape of their nose all vary – these factors must all be considered when producing a pair of glasses. This centration is one of the key aspects to take into account when producing a new pair of glasses. Any errors can result in lenses losing up to 40 percent of their optical performance.

Zeiss wanted to offer eye care professionals (and their clients) an alternative to the time-consuming and challenging process of manually taking accurate measurements when fitting glasses. That's how their innovative iPad app, the 'i.Terminal® 2’, was created.

Available at our Christchurch practice, the lens demonstration function within the ZEISS i.Terminal® 2 allows us to make the various lens choices more tangible to you. This innovative app is an interactive lens consultation tool with easy-to-understand visualisation of products, features, and benefits.

ZEISS took it one step further by introducing the ZEISS Visufit 1000 - now available at our Wanaka and Arrowtown boutiques.

Why are we so excited?

This new, innovative centration system precisely calculates and determines the position of the lenses in the frames in line with your visual needs. This is an important aspect when you’re trying to find your ideal glasses as it ensures the perfect interplay between frames and lenses. It allows us to produce a pair of precision lenses for you with no limitations in terms of performance.

Why you should get excited too.

Such accuracy ensures maximum visual comfort and is essential for ensuring good, natural vision. Centration with the ZEISS Visufit 1000 is a smooth process: in seconds, the 3D centration device uses its 9 cameras to create a 180-degree image of you wearing your glasses. If needed, you can even create a 3D image of your head. This data makes it possible for your lenses to be precisely personalised for your unique features and frame.

If you are keen to see this innovative technology at work, why not book a consultation?