Lool Eyewear

Founded in 2016 by designers Alex Carrasacco and Aris Rubio, Lool Eyewear is a Barcelona-based creative studio that produces retro-future inspired eyewear. Each frame is hand-made in Barcelona and Germany. The brand has a thorough design process that allows the architectural design to be brought to life. 

Innovative and unique, Lool produces exceptional quality eyewear that is hallmarked by their patented screw-less hinge design, and uses only the highest quality stainless steel to create a frame that is both durable and flexible, whilst remaining lightweight to maintain extreme comfort.  

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Lool has pushed the boundaries of the eyewear market by creating a screw-less hinge that is ultimately the most durable. At OCULA, we are excited to be featuring the Lool collection in each of our stores.

“We manufacture in series from sheets of steel.They are worked by hand, one by one in a precise technical process, combining the industrial and manual, man and machine.” - Alex Carrasacoo, Lool Eyewear.


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Want to find the perfect Lool frame for you? Book a complimentary Frame Styling appointment at any of our 3 stores with one of our experienced Style Consultants, who will help you find the perfect frame to fit you and your style! Book online now.

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