Original, often iconoclastic, and always invigorating, eyeglasses designed by l.a.Eyeworks are immediately recognised for their bold shapes, imaginative handling of materials, and expressive use of colour. Working from deep intuition, creators McReynolds and Gherardi begin each of their limited-edition designs with a hand-drawn sketch, the first step on a path of meticulous production where the finest materials are shaped by a combination of technology and hand-finished crafting.


Stand out with l.a. Eyeworks

Every aspect of a frame’s shaping and construction has at one time or another been re-thought and re-invented as part of the designers’ restless imaginations. The result is an expanding legacy of glasses that balances innovation with wearability, walking a fine line between optical tradition and a redefining expression of the “now.”

l.a. Eyeworks creates eyewear that encourages diversity and uniqueness redefining what it means to frame your face. From neon pinks to electric oranges, express yourself and make a pop with these statement pieces. If you are one who loves challenging the everyday norms - then these frames are for you! These sunglasses will be sure to make you stand out in the crowd.


The l.a. Eyeworks difference

With over 30 years of eyewear experience under their belt, l.a. Eyeworks continue to brighten and lighten the eyewear scene. No pair of frames is the same, with every detail being wildly thought in the imagination, then brought to life when put on the face of an individual.

"A face is like a work of art - it needs a good frame” - l.a. Eyeworks

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