Maui Jim provides the latest technology in sunglasses that stops glare and UV rays from damaging your eyes. Maui Jim sunglasses are all polarised and can their frames can fit almost any prescription! Based in Lahaina, Maui, it's clear to see the Hawaiian island lifestyle reflected in their eyewear. From sunset oranges to dusky blues, Maui Jim really does epitomise the paradise life. 


Maui Jim lenses

Maui Jim has evolved significantly from when it was first established in 1987, now providing over 125 various of styles of glasses that provide the best UV protection to both UV-A and UV-B rays.

The Polarised2 Plus Lens

Polarised2Plus Lens is the revolutionary technology created by Maui Jim, that ensures the utmost protection against the powerful UV rays, whilst also maintaining clarity and colour. These technologically advanced lenses are available in various lens types, providing different levels of protection to the conditions. Whether your looking for a lens for everyday use or for using in fast paced conditions, Maui Jim has a polarised lens to cater for everyone. 

The HCL Bronze Lens

The Maui Jim HCL Polarised Lens is suitable for everyday conditions, whether you're basking in the sun or going for a brisk walk on fresh winter days, these lenses will provide your eyes with the best protection while keeping clarity in your vision. 


The Maui Rose 

If you love adventure, then the Maui Rose is the lens is for you! Using a rose tint, the Maui Rose is designed with the best technology to provide maximum contrast protecting your eyes in intense conditions, such as mountain biking, or running a marathon.

The Maui HT

This Maui HT is the most suited lens for people looking for low light in their vision, providing the right vision for situations where lighting is dim, to offer extra contrast.

The Neutral Grey

This lens offers light reduction which is perfect for those bright sunny days, when your eyes need a break from the sun.

Provide your eyes with the best protection in the sun, try the range of Maui Jim sunglasses here at OCULA.

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