Think vibrant colours, interesting shapes and one-of-a-kind frames! In 1999, the Somers family together with Patrick Hoet (designer and anagram-namesake of theo), decided to create original eyewear for their respective eyewear stores located in Antwerp and Bruges - and gave us 'theo'.


theo's story

After an initial launch, the word spread and theo (pronounced tay-o) became a wanted brand worldwide. theo wanted to create eyewear that incorporated a touch of humour, individuality and a certain ‘edge’ - as seen in their many collections, they have stayed true to this vision.

The entire range is extensive and there is something to suit everyone's style! The brand is known for it's bright colours so you'll see plenty of luminous pink, green, yellow and orange frames but don't let that startle you! A few of the collections also showcase some subtle colours such as black, navy and olive green as well as metallic gold and bronze. 


True to theo

One thing that theo achieves perfectly, is combing and balancing these colours. Popular colour combinations include navy with bright pink, black and gold, lumo green with blue and even bright pink with tortoise shell!  Trust us, it just works!

As you'll see when you visit us instore, there are also shapes galore! From chunky to sleek, square and round, even cat-eye and aviator - there is a shape for every face.

theo has a few notable collections under their belt, namely; Pinballs, Racetracks, Mellow Potatoes, Characters, Astronauts, Encore, Painter Palattes and Happy Chips!

One thing is certain, there is a theo frame for you! Why not book a complimentary frame styling appointment and one of our expert Eyewear Stylists will choose a pair that is perfectly suited to you.

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