Originally designed for the purpose of providing the utmost clearest vision for skiers, Vuarnet is a French brand that was originally started in 1957 by two French opticians named Roger Pouilloux and Joseph Hatchiguian.

Establishing a brand named after the professional skiier Juan Vuarnet, who famously wore a pair of the frames when winning a gold medal at the 1984 Olympics, Vuarnet has continuously been recognised as an eyewear brand for champions. 


Today, Vuarnet is still celebrated for producing a range of sunglasses that ensure top performance from those who wear them. Available in both lifestyle and sporting sunglasses, Vuarnet provides a large range of sunglasses that are made with mineral glass to provide a strong lens that protects eyes in any type of conditions. 

One of the most iconic pair of sunglasses that symbolises the brand Vuarnet, is the Glacier glasses that symbolises the performance and quality of the brand. These sunglasses were designed by Vuarnet in the 1980’s to provide mountaineers with protective eyewear when in the tough conditions of glacial mountains. 

Perfectly combing ski and style - Vuarnet has continuously over the years changed sports eyewear and evolved it into being both fashionable and functional. Vuarnet continues to provide top of the line sports eyewear that ensures UV protection through each pair having mineral polarised lenses.  


Is Vuarnet right for you?

Shifting the focus from the alps to island hopping, Vuarnet has successfully grown to provide a wide range of eyewear that is suited for both sports and lifestyle, for both men and women. Whether you are wanting to ski the slopes or relax by the lake, these sunglasses use expert technology and have been designed to block 97% of infared light - (also known as heat from the sun) - to provide your eyes with the upmost protection.  

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